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While there are loads of people who say that there is nothing more devastating than losing a home or sustaining extreme damage in a major hurricane, nothing is further than the truth, in all reality, living in South Florida, we all know that we are risking our homes each and every hurricane season. This is a risk we are willing to take in order to live in this wonderful part of paradise. The truth is that we expect hurricanes and accept those risks. Indeed, it would be shocking to anyone who loses a home in that fashion; however, the meteorologists forewarn the event is going to happen. Experiencing the loss of a home due to freak fire damage is unexpected and cannot be anticipated or prepared for. When you evacuate for a storm, you take your important papers, treasured items, pets, and pictures. When a fire breaks out, you have none of those. The sense of loss is more than just seeing the damage, needing to find a place to stay during the rebuild, and the inconvenience. The loss is beyond what most people could ever imagine. Fortunately, A2Z Water Damage is here to help families deal with the fire damage, so they can get back into their homes as soon as possible.

Broward County Fire Damage Restoration

The average person thinks about fire damage as charred wood, melted cabinets, and destroyed wallboard. That happens, but the fire department uses water to knock down the fire and put it out. Fire damage isn’t only caused by the fire because the water creates water damage as well. They go hand in hand and fixing the problems isn’t an easy task, even if the fire was contained to a small area. Oftentimes, the water is more problematic than the fire damage. A2Z Water Damage can help remedy the fire damage and the water damage too.

Mold Remediation for Fire Damaged Home in South Florida

Once a fire has created damage in a home and the firemen put it out with water, it is essential that remediation begins as soon as there are no longer flare ups and it is safe for entry. The sooner the issues are addressed the better it is in the long run. Mold is easier to deal with when it is in the early stages and has not been given the opportunity to spread throughout the whole structure. A2Z Water Damage offers complete mold damage services in Broward County.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Damage

A2Z Water Damage is sensitive to the stressful situation and needs of homeowners who have experienced fire damage in their homes. They offer a variety of emergency services, including emergency roof tarp installation, odor removal services, and fire damage restoration in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County. Call 954-702-5544 for immediate fire damage response assistance.